Mortages & Insurance



There are numerous international banks and building societies offering mortgages for homes in Spain. Normally 60% to 70% of the purchase price to non residents can be borrowed for this purpose.


There are also many ways of releasing funds from your existing UK property, to assist you in the purchase of your new home, which in effect will provide you with 100% of the actual purchase price of the property.


Our own independent advisors are able to identify the most advantageous method of mortgaging your dream home and will use their best endeavours to identify and secure the most cost effective solution to your particular needs.


So, for mortgages abroad, mortgages for property abroad, for villas in Spain, and other Spanish homes, our mortgage advisors will assist you to get the best deal.



As with any property purchase, especially properties abroad, it is extremely important to ensure that, not only is the actual building insured from the moment of purchase, but that any of the contents are insured also.


If you are considering purchasing a property in Spain, insurance can be arranged in the UK or Spain and our team of specialists will identify the most appropriate company, or the most appropriate source of insurance, to ensure that your needs are catered for and that your property and contents are adequately protected.