Distressed property for sale Spain, bank repossessions & repossessed property

If you are looking for a distressed property for sale in Spain, a bank repossession or a repossessed property in Spain, then you need to look no further.

As the appointed agent for a number of the major UK banks, we have fabulous opportunities to buy genuine distressed property, repossessed property, bank repossessions, and developer repossessions, considerably at under market value.

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To dispose of their distressed and repossessed properties in Spain, specifically on the Costa del Sol, the banks have instructed us to sell these properties quickly, so there are some fantastic repossessed and distressed property bargains to be had. In most instances, and subject to status, the bank will also provide a mortgage on these properties.


We also have a number of pending repossessions (distressed property sales) where the owners may be struggling to raise finance to complete the purchase usually due to a change in their personal circumstances. These buyers are therefore in distress and forced to either sell their properties quickly at price far less than the market value or have the property repossessed by the developer and lose their deposit. These can actually work out cheaper by evading any additional bank charges or administration fees.


Distressed property for sale in Spain are usually homes that are in danger of going into foreclosure or are going to be put on sale because the homeowner defaulted on his mortgage payments. A property is considered to be a distressed property when a homeowner is behind in his or her mortgage payments or tax payments.


After the property becomes distressed, the bank begins the necessary proceedings to sell the home in order to collect the mortgage payments or tax payments the homeowner owes. Our aim therefore is to assist distressed property sellers/banks to obtain a quick sale by offering their property to purchasers who are looking for genuine undervalued property. There are many distressed property owners who face a variety of circumstances which require a quick sale and the properties shown on our listings are genuine distressed properties, available at prices well below their actual value.


If you are in search of a distressed property for sale in Spain for your next primary residence, you should look at all of our listing of distressed properties. Distressed properties are usually sold for prices that are much lower than their actual market values. In fact, distressed properties can be sold at prices that are from 30%- 60% percent off their market values. You can locate distressed properties with our constantly updated and extensive listings.




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Once you have made the decision to purchase a distressed property, a full range of our other services are available to you.


So, if you are looking for a genuine distressed property for sale in Spain, a genuine bank repossessed property or a genuine private repossessed property on the Costa del Sol, please allow us the opportunity to prove why we are one of the most pro-active property specialists in this part of Spain, where we have been successfully looking after clients on the Spanish Costa del Sol for many years.